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Project Pointssort descending Awarded
Solar for Our Superheroes
As the granddaughter of a Peabody firefighter, daughter of a Seabee, and...
14,121,000 Oct 2015
Kids Protecting Kids
Kids Protecting Kids is a venture geared towards providing child abuse...
14,965,081 Jul 2012
Water for Africa
Water for Africa, founded by Fadumo Hussein, promotes getting clean water...
15,184,423 Oct 2013
Teens Against Domestic Abuse
Having dealt with an abusive relationship, Jennifer wanted to reach out to...
16,884,080 Jul 2011
Scholars for Success
Annoyed with watching their peers leave school to take underpaid jobs or...
17,367,407 Nov 2011
Go Make a Difference
Go Make a Diference is a youth-run social venture that helps the homeless...
22,330,833 Oct 2016
Medic Mobile
Medic Mobile is a youth-led, non-profit organization that advances...
22,692,790 Jul 2015
Math proficiency is below 50% for elementary school students in the D.C....
27,270,600 Mar 2012
WellSpring (California) - A Framework for Improving Mental Health at College Campuses
Due to the prevalence of mental illness coupled with our personal...
33,023,570 Mar 2016
Kids Change the World
Kids Change the World is one of the world's largest youth-led nonprofit...
33,166,392 May 2013