July, 2018
Helping Sick Kids
The Helping Sick Kids team is focused on the Ronald McDonald House of Baltimore. We are collecting donations for supplies and collecting toys. We will visit the kids and do fun activities with them so they can realize that they are not alone and so they can have hope. Funding would be used for supplies for the Ronald McDonald House of Baltimore,  toys for the kids, and donation  to the overall cause.
January, 2018
Food For Thought
Food for Thought is a web-based application that allows parents to both pay for their child’s lunch and “pay it forward” to purchase a meal for a community member in need. Parents commonly pay for lunch through an online platform, where they load money to their children's lunch debit cards. Food For Thought, will allow parents to donate a $2-3 dollar meal to another child in their community.
July, 2017
Community Development
Firefly is a ~$250 fully autonomous robot that can go into dangerous environments (like collapsed building after earthquakes) and use onboard sensors to explore the scene and find people who are trapped. My goal is to reduce the cost of the robots to where they can be used at scale and in developing countries. Funding will be used for membership at TechShop and the cost of materials.
October, 2016
Human Rights
Go Make a Difference
Go Make a Difference is a youth-run social venture that helps the homeless youth, or young people close to experiencing homelessness. It was founded by Rafaela Lopes who experienced homelessness as a child in Brazil before moving to Massachusetts 7 years ago. In February, Lopes organized a student trip to a rural village in Haiti for a week of service at a nutrition and health center.
July, 2016
Human Rights
What's Your Girl Power- Odyssey Leadership Academy School (Africa)
We started a non-profit, Beads of Good, that is providing an opportunity for girls to go to school and have a safe place to dream. Although we are young, we feel responsible to help bring change and shine a spotlight on gender-based violence. We have two safe houses in Africa. These girls roll beads to earn an income so they can attend school. Studies show when girls are educated entire communities are changed.