What's Your Girl Power- Odyssey Leadership Academy School (Africa)


34% of all school aged girls do not attend school because they cannot afford to pay.  Without education, a girl is left completely vulnerable to violence.  But we have good news! We have met and are encouraging girls to use their gifts and talents to send girls in Africa to school! We want girls to use their strengths to make a difference in the lives of girls all over the world. When a girl is educated, entire communities are changed! Girls are not as vulnerable to violence when they are given an opportunity to go to school. We believe that this grant can positively impact the lives of girls in Africa. And together we can change the world!

We started a non-profit called Beads of Good that is providing an opportunity for girls to go to school and have a safe place to dream. Although we are young, we feel responsible to help bring change and shine a spotlight on gender-based violence.  We have two safe houses in Africa.  One safe house is in Kenya and one is in Zimbabwe.  The girls we are helping save run away from abusive families that have forced them to become child brides.  These girls are rolling beads to earn an income so they can attend school.  Studies show that when girls are educated entire communities are changed and economy and family life issues are drastically improving when they get this opportunity.  They call this the Girl Effect.


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