ORILLAS Is an organization composed of youngsters who are aimed to solve basic problems of society. We try to contribute building a society with justice, equity and a possibility for everyone to develop the best qualities of human beings. Our activities are developed in "Barrio República de la Sexta", a vulnerable zone of Rosario City in Argentina (it has a poverty rate of 70%), with children and youngsters between 5 and 17 years and adults whose families are in situation of risk.

Orillas’ main goal is not only to transfer knowledge but also teach  children and adults to value work, to think for themselves and encourage their  interest in self improvement, taking into account that education is  a fundamental aspect of individual development as well as an interest of the whole society.

We believe in the possibility of building a society with sustainable economic development and upward social mobility so we look forward to generate possibilities and opportunities that are not readily available for the community. We look forward to do an innovative work  trying  to  foster critical thinking in the new generations, a value that society has abandoned,  teaching carrying out originals activities to encourage their desire to learn and finally working in a participatory manner giving importance to the group and team work, we seek to develop leadership skills in order to share it.

At the time 100 kids and 50 adults participate in our programs. 85% of kids have shown improvements in their academic performance, 10 adults have improved their nutritional skills and 75% of them are interested in attaining a high level education.