Fly Sister Fly


Fly Girl Fly“I discovered that girls in this area (Nairobi, Kenya) did not put much effort in school because they knew it would all be in vain, for they would soon be married off. My heart was saddened to learn that this was the norm, that it was no big deal. The community had no regard for educating girls,” Vane Aminga says.  Vane set up Fly Sister Fly, an initiative aimed at encouraging Samburu girls to invest in their education. To achieve greater impact, Vane approached several of her fellow students with her vision and was glad when 15 of them bought into the idea and agreed to join her cause. Fly Sister Fly currently has enrolled 34 girls in its program. The girls qualified after winning a composition competition set up by Vane and her friends. The pupils, who were then between classes Three and Six, are from various primary schools in the area. Besides benefiting from direct mentoring, the girls also receive sanitary pads from time to time, exercise and text books, and anything else that Vane and her friends are able to mobilize. They also talk to them about growing up and discuss topics such as puberty, menstruation and peer pressure, as well as positive decision-making. 


About the Organization: