About Impact Projects


Play Games

It is just that easy. Sign into your iCivics account, and play as many games as you want.


Earn Points

Your final score in each game is the total number of Impact Points you earn. The higher your score, the more points you get.


Spend Points

Visit the Impact Projects page. Check out the cool community service projects that students like you are doing around the country. Spend all or some of your points on your favorite Impact Project.


Make an Impact

Post about why you donated your points to an Impact Project and encourage your friends to donate their points. Every three months, the winning project will receive $1,000 from iCivics!

More about our partner, Ashoka:

Impact Project organizations are selected through an iCivics partner called Ashoka's Youth Ventures. Ashoka selects promising young social entrepreneurs who have already demonstrated a strong commitment to their cause through participation in other Ashoka's Youth Venture projects. For more information about working with Ashoka, please contact the organization directly. You can find them on the web by visiting: youthventure.org