Impact Competition

DO something with all of those points you earn on! Periodically, iCivics takes a handful of community service projects from Ashoka Youth Ventures.

There is no competition currently active. A new competition will be starting soon.

67,156,804 Points
The Blue Lollipop Project
The Blue Lollipop Project funds pediatric cancer research while also bringing a blue smile to young cancer patients. The pediatric patients receive blue lollipops which in turn raise awareness and more funding for pediatric cancer research. Funding would be used to create marketing materials  integral to the professional portrayal of my project.
21,964,671 Points
Books for Bedtime
Books For Bedtime started as an idea in July 2014 to help young students who did not have books at home. In the first year, the program collected over 5,000 books and has grown from there. Funding would be used to expand the program.
13,979,053 Points
The goal of Wind Powered Car is to make eco-friendly cars affordable. With months of research guided by an engineering faculty member at Ohio State University, I was able to construct a 62-page report describing a prototype for a wind-powered car. Funding would be used towards creating our first prototype of our Wind Powered Car system.
8,941,650 Points
STEMFuture is an international nonprofit organization whose core mission is to spread STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education online curriculum and an effective online workshop series called: Tech-1-2-3. Funding would be used to expand our current resources to create supporting video content and social media marketing.
7,883,470 Points
Kaloli Energy
We run a fledgling industry to solve Uganda’s deforestation problem. With the local Ugandan community and innovators, we deliver low cost waste-based briquettes to homes. Funding would be used to rent space in local marketplaces, give out samples, and create flyers about the deforestation crisis and how briquettes can displace timber based fuel.
5,113,606 Points
The Millennial Mindsetters is a course designed to introduce low-income communities and people of color to entrepreneurship, basic financial principles, and life skills. We work tirelessly to mentor both children and adults with the goal of ambitiously ending poverty. Funding will go towards support resources, space rental, and resources for events.
4,922,650 Points
Arts and Culture
ArtPass uses the power of art to eradicate the stigma surrounding hospitalization. Domestically, we sponsor in-hospital art programs that help hospitalized youth create art and share it with other kids in the hospital. Internationally, we’re seeking to make art supplies accessible to kids in hospitals across the world. Funding would ensure stability and support for the 81 chapters across the world.
4,019,959 Points
Since 2011, Bags of Books has collected used and new books from pre-K through high school level. Volunteers run “pop-up” stores where children can select free books. Books are also donated to under-resourced classrooms, community centers, and homeless shelters.  Funding would be used for forming a 501(c)(3), so we can scale nationally.
3,062,960 Points
Community Development
Aware provides students with special needs a way to participate in high school activities that aren’t often available to them. Special needs and general education students participate in activities together, making the special education students feel more included. Funding would pay for marketing for expansion and to support the expansion of new chapters.
2,685,569 Points
E-jang Radio creates language learning content for radio, TV, newspaper, podcasts that fit the cultural context of Senegal and Wolof language. To serve and benefit the community, content is designed by them, for them. Funding would be used for volunteer training in Senegal; online hosting services; social enterprise registration, and marketing.
2,684,250 Points
Community Development
Dual School
Dual School is an incubator of student ideas. We work with high school students in the Wilmington, DE area to empower them to launch passion projects. Training, mentorship, and reflection activities empower and prepare students to tackle problems in their community. Funding will be used for media equipment to help better share their stories.
2,681,310 Points
Openly helps organizations increase social impact by sharing their knowledge - business plans, programs, research, and best practices with start-ups and small businesses. The goal is for open-source/collaboration accessible to all. Watch our founder video. Funding would be used to prototype and alpha test our platform with a group of partners.

More about our partner, Ashoka:

Impact Project organizations are selected through an iCivics partner called Ashoka's Youth Ventures. Ashoka selects promising young social entrepreneurs who have already demonstrated a strong commitment to their cause through participation in other Ashoka's Youth Venture projects. For more information about working with Ashoka, please contact the organization directly. You can find them on the web by visiting: