People's Pie

Do you like to control your own money? In People’s Pie, you control the budget of the federal government! You choose how federal revenues should be raised and how taxpayers’ money should be spent. You must decide how to fund programs that are important to you, without setting taxes too high or borrowing too much money.



Nobody Owes Nobody Nothin'
Nobody Owes Nobody Nothin'

Finish People's Pie debt free.

101 Dalmatians
101 Dalmatians

Fund the rural fire departments so that they can get cute Dalmatian puppies.

Citizen Satisfaction
Citizen Satisfaction

Keep taxes low, spend wisely, and finish People's Pie with high citizen satisfaction.

Big Spender
Big Spender

Spend 5 Trillion in federal budgeting. But do it wisely, or you might be booted from office!


Rank Username Score
41 Jade Archivist p8j3 5,453
42 Diamond Pilot f6d0 5,437
43 Village Chef 8g3g 5,422
44 Gray Soldier 2n1h 5,416
45 Maroon Scholar 1r9v 5,390
46 National Explorer c2r8 5,371
47 Local Principal 9f0g 5,310
48 State Citizen b8u7 5,254
49 State Citizen b8u7 5,253
50 Gold Clerk 6y1e 5,245
Rank Username Score
41 Ivory Client j6z5 6,506
42 Cedar Captain 1912 6,503
43 Maroon Painter 3n6b 6,493
44 Maple Officer 3k4j 6,485
45 Scarlet Engineer 6l0d 6,459
46 National Soldier y0s5 6,454
47 Diamond Politician 0w8w 6,451
48 Bronze Client 6w5m 6,440
49 Gray President 7h9k 6,428
50 Green Gamer 8o8n 6,420