Argument Wars

Ever tried to win a disagreement? In Argument Wars, you will try out your persuasive abilities by arguing a real Supreme Court case. The other lawyer is your competition. Whoever uses the strongest arguments wins! 

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Cases include:

  • Bond v. United States
  • Brown v. Board of Education
  • Gideon v. Wainwright
  • Hazelwood v. Kuhlmeier
  • In Re Gault
  • Miranda v. Arizona
  • New Jersey v. T.L.O.
  • Snyder v. Phelps produced in cooperation with the Harlan Institute
  • Texas v. Johnson


Conscientious Objector
Conscientious Objector

Correctly object to your opponent's argument.

Solicitor General
Solicitor General

Play 2 Argument Wars cases.

Card Shark
Card Shark

Play 15 Argument Wars cards.

Bench Impress
Bench Impress

Earn 750 points from Judge Thorium.


Rank Username Score
11 Iron Detective 9w8v 1,750
12 Marble Policeman 7o7c 1,750
13 Cedar Artist p8c4 1,750
14 Grape Chef t6h1 1,750
15 Maroon Scholar 1r9v 1,700
16 Pine Volunteer r5o1 1,700
17 Maple Scholar r6o0 1,650
18 Tin Investigator 0c8p 1,650
19 Mustard Officer t9j4 1,650
20 Teal Scientist 1l8y 1,650
Rank Username Score
11 Navy Emperor 929 2,150
12 Cedar Soldier g5e1 2,150
13 Olive Coach p2k2 2,100
14 Country Director 7q3s 2,050
15 National Emperor i2e3 1,950
16 Silver Marcher 7i0c 1,950
17 Granite Policeman f4f0 1,950
18 Purple Investigator 5j3y 1,950
19 Garnet Lawyer 5j1g 1,950
20 Village Citizen g3s3 1,950