Civics is on the front lines and front page like never before as we head towards the 2020 U.S. presidential election. Each month this school year will offer big teachable moments that can help students build the skills they need, such as critical thinking, problem solving and evidence-based reasoning. Taking the time to learn and practice these skills will encourage students to participate in civic life and become informed and engaged members of their communities. 

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November: One Year Until the 2020 Election

iCivics will provide tailored resources each month to help you prepare students for a future that is playing out before their eyes. Bookmark this page and use it as your go-to spot as you plan civics lessons to 2020.

Election Day - Nov. 5th

Use our new Cast Your Vote game to teach young voters, and soon-to-be voters, how to research candidates and issues ahead of Election Day. But before you assign the game, explore the Cast Your Vote Extension Pack that offers support materials to help you reinforce the game's key concepts.

NEW Impeachment & Conviction Infographic

Impeachment has been and will continue to make the headlines. Do your students have questions on how the process works? Our new infographic and accompanying teacher’s Slide Deck will ensure you are equipped to teach about this current event in your classroom.

Politics & Public Policy Unit

Dive into this curated unit to amp up election excitement in your classroom. This unit guides students through an understanding of concepts and processes through simulations, presentations, vocabulary-building activities, and a mock election!

Get the Party Started: Games for Change (G4C) Student Challenge!

Task your students with envisioning a new political party and designing their own game that reveals how their party will successfully enter the 2020 presidential race and change the trajectory of the election. Winners will receive prizes and local recognition!

Any student enrolled in a middle or high school in New York City, Los Angeles, Atlanta, or Detroit public school districts are eligible to submit a game. Submissions close March 31, 2020.

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Teaching About Impeachment
Read a blog by iCivics Educator Network member, Jenifer Hitchcock (VA), who shares how she quickly crafted a lesson plan on impeachment to address her students' questions. If you are also #TeachingImpeaching? Head to Twitter and share your experiences with us.