Expand the learning experience for your students by putting them in the action.
iCivics’ growing collection of video games offers teachers and students the opportunity to play with civic skills and knowledge. Each iCivics game is playable in one class period and has a detailed printable report at the end for grading. iCivics games can be played in a variety of settings: 1-to-1, small groups, or whole class. iCivics games don't require prior knowledge -- they teach you everything you need to know to play!

We The Jury
Play Time: 15-30 mins
Use evidence, testimony, and quick thinking to decide challenging court cases.

Power Play
Play Time: 15-30 mins
Coach a team vying for the balance of governmental powers.

Argument Wars
Play Time: 0-15 mins
Argue real Supreme Court cases, and put your lawyering skills to the test.

Play Time: 15-30 mins
Choose a state to represent and jump into the law making process of Congress.

Court Quest
Play Time: 15-30 mins
Navigate our court system and guide citizens to the right place.

Supreme Decision
Play Time: 15-30 mins
Assist a Supreme Court Justice as she makes the deciding vote in an important case.