Mini Media Literacy Library

For your convenience, we've assembled a library of our Media Moment Mini-Lessons. These mini-lessons combine civic content and news literacy skills. Designed for the high school classroom, each mini-lesson includes a content reading, a news literacy highlight, and a one-page news literacy activity. Use the readings together or separately to target multiple learning objectives throughout the year! Each lesson can also be found in the units below.

In our "Executive Branch" unit:

In our "Legislative Branch" unit:

In our "Judicial Branch" unit:

*For more news literacy lessons, see our full "News Literacy (HS)" unit.


Mini-lesson: Presidential Appointments (HS)

Learn about unilateral presidential appointments, nominations, and the Senate confirmation process. Then investigate the role the media plays as a gatekeeper and agenda setter in the accompanying news skills-related activity. 

Got a 1:1 classroom? Download fillable PDF versions of this lesson's materials below!

Mini-lesson: Midterm Elections (HS)

Students learn about midterm elections, their role as a referendum on the presidency, and how a shift in party control impacts the legislative and executive branches. Page two of this Media Moment Mini-lesson covers horse race journalism, common during election season, and the limitations of this type of coverage. 

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