Badge Hound

You received at least 5 achievement badges. Nice work!


You played at least one game in every topic.

Dough Roller

Your team raised 30 on the campaign trail.

Fully Activated

You ran 2 successful national campaigns in Activate.

Just One More Thing

You asked the candidates 15 questions. Aren't you tired of raising your hand yet?

Liberty Belle

Drop it like it's heavy. You have successfully launched 10 anvils.

Pie Master

You held at least 5 bake sales.

Policy Wonk

You passed 2 bills through Congress.

Rabble Rouser

Your movements have gained more than 15 followers over the years.

Responsibility Master

You completed a game without ever launching an incorrect anvil.

Seat Keeper

You won 2 elections!

Switch Hitter

Bi-partisan is more than a buzz word. You've played as both a Democrat & Republican.

The Great Debater

No 'gotcha' questions here! You made it through the debate without a gaffe.

The Opinionator

You picked the candidate whose views best matched yours at least 2 times.