Badge Hound

You received at least 40 achievement badges. Nice work!

69 Complete

Bench Impress

You earned 5000 points from Judge Thorium.

Big Spender

You've spent 25 Trillion through federal budgeting.

Caffeine Overload

You drank 25 shots of espresso. Unfortunately, coffee beans do not count as vegetable servings.

50 Complete

Card Shark

You played 15 Argument Wars cards. Deal 'em again?

Community Excellence

You filled your Focus meter all the way and won a coveted award.

Conscientious Objector

You correctly overruled your opponent. Well played.


You played at least one game in every topic.


You pulled a statue back after it had gone over the opponent's score line.

Fan Mail

You filled your Focus meter halfway and heard from your admirers.

56 Complete

Frequent Flier

You've flown on Air Force One at least 5 times.

Fully Staffed

You hired a full team of six lawyers in a single game. Cheatum & Howe are jealous.

Gone Viral

You filled your Traffic meter halfway and crashed the servers.

Household Name

You filled your Traffic meter all the way and reached the bottom of the top.

Local Renown

You filled your Integrity meter halfway and shared your expertise.

National Exposure

You filled your Integrity meter three-quarters of the way and got some sensational press.


You swapped out 5 arguments in a row.

52 Complete

Pie Master

You held at least 5 bake sales.

80 Complete

Policy Wonk

You passed 2 bills through Congress.

65 Complete

Prestige Partner

You earned that law degree by helping more than 100 clients discover their rights.

Rain Maker

Forget Atticus Finch or Ally McBeal. You completed Do I Have A Right? without losing a single case.

60 Complete

Seat Keeper

You won 2 elections!

Shirt Supporter

You decided the case for Ben Brewer.

Solicitor General

Congrats, Solicitor General. You played 6 Argument Wars cases.

Study Buddy

You filled your Focus meter three-quarters of the way and added to the corpus.

91 Complete

Sue Yewall

Help 50 citizens resolve their cases in CourtQuest.

Switch Hitter

Bi-partisan is more than a buzz word. You've played as both a Democrat & Republican.

Take it to the Top

You won a case at the U.S. Supreme Court. You're in select company!

Team Player

You pulled all three statues over the goal line in one round.

The Armband

You classified everything correctly in Tinker v. Des Moines.

The Great Debater

No 'gotcha' questions here! You made it through the debate without a gaffe.

The Right Stuff

You correctly answered five arguments in a row.


You filled your Traffic meter three-quarters of the way and stepped into the real world.