Badge Hound

You received at least 40 achievement badges. Nice work!

Bench Impress

You earned 10000 points from Judge Thorium.

49 Complete

Card Shark

You played 15 Argument Wars cards. Deal 'em again?

Conscientious Objector

You correctly overruled your opponent. Well played.


You played at least one game in every topic.

96 Complete

Frequent Flier

You've flown on Air Force One at least 5 times.

40 Complete

Fully Activated

You ran 2 successful national campaigns in Activate.

Fully Staffed

You hired a full team of six lawyers in a single game. Cheatum & Howe are jealous.

43 Complete

Liberty Belle

Drop it like it's heavy. You have successfully launched 50 anvils.

75 Complete


You've negotiated 2 peace treaties. The world is a safer place because of you.

24 Complete

Pie Master

You held at least 5 bake sales.

62 Complete

Prestige Partner

You earned that law degree by helping more than 25 clients discover their rights.

Rain Maker

Forget Atticus Finch or Ally McBeal. You completed Do I Have A Right? without losing a single case.

Responsibility Master

You completed a game without ever launching an incorrect anvil.

Solicitor General

Congrats, Solicitor General. You played 6 Argument Wars cases.

33 Complete

The Great Compromiser

Congress has supported the number one goal of your presidency at least 5 times.