On September 17, 1787, the U.S. Constitution was signed. Constitution Day is a time for us to continue that legacy and reinforce the habits of good citizenship for the next generation.  Enjoy fun and engaging Constitution Day games, lesson plans, and videos from iCivics and our partners!

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Do I have a right? In Do I Have a Right?, students run their own law firm and help clients resolve funny yet thought-provoking issues. They'll learn about the Bill of Rights and other amendments to the Constitution. Check out our Game Guide for Teachers to learn how to use this game in your classroom.



In Power Play, you’ll coach a team of players competing to win power for state or federal government! Teammates will offer arguments that, if persuasive, will pull power statues toward the side you’ve chosen. But use your players wisely — the wrong argument will make a player fall or even move the power toward the other side!  


Teach our lesson plans!

Constitution Day Lesson Plan

Jump in and explore the Constitution article by article; discovering the duties and powers of the three branches, the amendment process, and the role of this document as the supreme law of the land.




Constitution Day Lesson Plan

This mini-lesson takes a closer look at the debates over power in the young American system of government. Students also learn about the eventual compromise between the Federalists and Anti-federalists that led to the creation of the Constitution.

Constitution Day Lesson Plan

After ten years under the Articles of Confederation, Americans realized it was time for a change. This mini-lesson explains the major debates and outcomes of the Constitutional Convention.




Volunteering in a classroom for Constitution Day? Check out our Constitution Day Activity made just for you!  



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Give your students a “hall pass” to travel through American history without leaving the classroom! View our newest Constitution Hall Pass video lesson on the 13th Amendment, plus chat live with our experts and get answers to all of your Constitution Day Questions—Weekdays, September 10 – 23, 7 a.m. – 6 p.m. EDT.

Check out archived episodes of Constitution Hall Pass: visitconstitutioncenter.org/hallpass.

 All you need is an internet connection to participate! Tune in at constitutioncenter.org/constitutionday.



Join classrooms across the country in the Preamble Challenge! In honor of Constitution Day, the Civics Renewal Netwoek is asking schools around the country to join in a reading of the Preamble to the Constitution. Sign up your class or school and get everything you need to get started with a free Preamble Challenge Teacher Toolkit!


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